22 September

5 Fun Activities Around Kuala Lumpur

Looking for a little entertainment with friends and family over the weekend after a hectic week? There are quite a number of places right here in Kuala Lumpur and also a bit out of town spots you could definitely look forward to. Here we would like to share some of …

15 June

What Hobby Should You Be Picking Up?

What’s your hidden hobby? As goes the saying “music is the silence between the notes,” so can this be applied to moments when we pause and decide to do something we genuinely enjoy in our busy life schedules. Indeed, in our day to day work lives, it is necessary to …

15 June

5 Easy Ways to Add Life to Your Artworks

Have you ever wondered how to add more “life” to your artworks? Somehow when looking at your finished piece, you felt like it didn’t end up looking quite as good as you hoped?There are 5 simple tips and tricks that I’d like to reveal to you when it comes to …

20 May

Boredom Busters for Kids at Home

Are your kids driving you crazy during this MCO period? Would you like them to settle down and get creative? We know it’s not been easy for you parents, maybe giving your kids a break from their busy online school schedule with a creative project might cheer everyone up! At …